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Regarding the invention of trains and Electricity, Veerabrahmendra Swami forecasted in his "Kaalagnaana" as :


1. "ఇనుప కమ్ముల ఫై పొగ బండ్లు నడిచేను"

( Smoke Vehicles will ride on iron bars)

We all know that these iron bars are the railway tracks which we see and the smoke vehicles are trains.


Electricty Generation

2. "నీటి ఆవిరి తోటి దీపాలు వెలిగేను"

(Lights will glow with the vapour of water)

Today we know that technology of generating electricity from water. A lot of Hydro electric projects are being done and most of the power we get nowadays is through hydro power.

Prediction of Tsunami

Regarding the occurence of Tsunami, Veerabrahmendra Swami forecasted it in his"Kaalagnaana"which says

సాగరం లో పెద్ద బడబాలనం పుట్టి గ్రామాలనే మార్చివేస్తుంది

( A great disturbance in sea will change the structure of many villages)

Arrival of Mahatma Gandhi

Regarding the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi, Brahmam garu predicted in his future kaalagnaana as

ఉత్తర దేశాన వైశ్య కులము నందు "గంధి" యను వాడు పుడతాడు.

(In North India, in Vysya Caste one person with name Gandhi will take birth)

స్వాతంత్ర్య సమరమ్ము చేస్తాడు.. sdfkdjsfkjdf
ఏకు పొలము తోటి మేకంకు చివరకు తెల్ల వాళ్ళను వెళ్ళగొడతాడు.

(He will do Independance Struggle.

With non-violent policies, he will make the White people go away from our country)

Suicide of Farmers

1. కర్షకులు వ్యవసాయ పద్ధతులు గిట్టక చట్టాల సందున నలిగేరు. భూమి, బుట్ట ఊడి పొట్ట చేత బట్టి పట్టణాలకు వలస పొయ్యేరు.

(Farmers will not be able to do with the existing methodologies of farming and will suffer in the hands of various laws of Govt. Farmers will loose all their lands and properties and go to the cities in searching of work)

2 . రైతే వెన్నెముక అన్న దేశాన ఆ రైతుకే ఘోరి కడతారు.

(The land and people who once say that farmer is the backbone of the country only will later make graves for those farmers)

Gandhiji told that Villages and farmers are the backbone of our country. Earlier 80% of our country's population used to do agriculture. But nowadays, people are afraid of doing farming. In almost every state, we can see farmers comitting suicide because of no proper cultivation, huge debts, no rainfall, mediators (Dalarulu), no proper supply of seeds & Fertilisers govt. taking away land for industries etc. Because of all these reasons, farmers are comitting suicide.

We are taking away the food at the mouth of farmer who is giving food to our mouth.

Film actors becoming Politicians and Rulers

Nowadays we are seeing that many of the popular film actors are becoming
CMs, MPs and MLAs. The film actors are turning to politics and becoming our
rulers. Regarding this, Brahma garu in his Kaalagnaanam told that:
తెర మీది బొమ్మలే పరిపాలనకు వచ్చి అధికారమును చలాయించెను. 
The examples of this are as follows:
Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao (NTR)

There will be no telugu
people who do not know NTR. He was a great film
 actor. He was the ever green hero of
Telugu Industry. He acted in a number of films and in the later part of
his life became a politician and ruled as CM ofAndhra Pradesh for 15


MG RamaChandar Rao

M.G.Rama chandar Rao, populary known as MGR was a leading film actor in
Tamil Industry. He acted as hero in a number of films. He also became the CM of
Tamil Nadu and ruled the state for several


Jayalalitha is one of the famous heroines of
old Telugu and Tamil movies. She acted in anumber of films and in later part of
her life entered politics and became the CM of Tamil Nadu until

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